I Am Ready

20 Gems

Getting this badge is simple as making an account on Largo Power site.

I Am Here

50 Health Points

To earn this badge you have to join any group.

I Learn Quick

Level 1

This badge is easy to obtain and we know you learn quickly.

I Am Alpha

Level 1

I am part of Largo Power’s Alpha Test Army

I Am Glacial

20 Exp Shards

When you like making other players miserable.

I Am The Supporter

Yes, you are the real MVP!


Neverending Quest – Level Up

Level 1

Use your experience shards to gain a level.

It’s the never-ending quest for endless level-ups!

Defeat a small group of monsters

2 Gems

Defeat a small group of monsters that will keep coming back every day.

You can push them off once per day.

You can use 10 Energies to search for them without waiting.

Defeat Cyclop

25 Exp Shards

Once a week there is one big Cyclop that you can hunt.

Let's make great things together!

Nothing more powerful than teamwork

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