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How we work with clients

Just before the website is online we send a video preview where clients can see how everything works. This is great for feedback and missing content – and this way they have a better picture.


  1. Easy to make changes
  2. Making deadlines nonstressful
  3. Easily visible projects progress

Projects done

Worked on projects:

  1. Purehold
  2. Jedan Smjer
  3. Enormis
  4. DB Kombi Prijevoz
  5. Hrvatsko Društvo Interne Medicine

The presentation element of the Purehold project was in greater focus while the webshop part of the site must be functional and with a relatively small number of products

We used One-pager as the design of the Jedan Smjer page in order to refer the user to the application form in the simplest possible way and without moving the focus, with clear instructions and a short job description.

The focus in the presentation and sale of items on Enormis was on a clear division of items into meaningful categories with good filtration by brands, prices, and technical specifications of items within each category.

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