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      1. How to change avatar picture?
      Visit and there is section CHANGE PROFILE PHOTO, SELECT YOUR FILE, crop image to make it fit avatar area and that’s it!

      2. How to get points?
      Visit page where you can see how points are added and deducted. Simply put, using the site every day will give you points.

      3. How to get achievements?
      Usually, the point of badges and achievements is to find out how to get them. They also give you points, gems, energy, health points, and sometimes levels. Find out more achievements here: and to see all badges:

      4. How to create a forum?
      The forum is a topic in the group. So if you have created a group and you are the admin of that group you can create a new topic in it. Steps: Open your group, there is tab section FORUM, open FORUM, scroll down to see “Create New Topic”, enter TITLE, MESSAGE and confirm it with SUBMIT.

      5. How to search members?
      Access COMMUNITY section using web menu or visit:

      6. How to find a portfolio?
      Under PARTNERS section in menu, there is a dropdown that leads to portfolio or visit:

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